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EzTK Product Line:


Free GUI DIG tool for windows. It enables you to query Domain Name System (DNS) name servers

EzDig provides a GUI (graphical user interface) alternative to DIG and work under windows. It is also as GUI alternative to the NSLookup utility that comes with the Microsoft Windows operating system. EzDig allows you to easily retrieve the DNS records of the specified domains. You can select the DNS server from the list box, or specify any other DNS server.

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Easiest GUI tool that enables you to ping IPs and hosts

EzPing is designed as a GUI tool that enables you to ping IPs and hosts. It is the easiest GUI(graphical user interface) ping tool on the internet. It is free of charge, 100% Freeware.

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GUI client tool that enables you to perform whois lookups for domain names (and IP addresses)

You can use EzWhois to find out domain information such as registrar, domain status, expiration date, and name servers. It can also help you find contact information for the owner of a domain name or IP.

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