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EzDig is a free GUI DIG tool for windows. It enables you to query Domain Name System (DNS) name servers. It is free of charge, 100% Freeware.

DIG(domain information groper) is a flexible tool for interrogating DNS name servers under Linux/Unix system. EzDig provides a GUI (graphical user interface) alternative to dig and work under windows. It is also as GUI alternative to the NSLookup utility that comes with the Microsoft Windows operating system. EzDig allows you to easily retrieve the DNS records of the specified domains. You can select the DNS server from the list box, or specify any other DNS server.


  • Support A, NS, CNAME, MX, TXT records
  • Support AAAA record (IPv6 address record)
  • Support AFSDB record (AFS Database record)
  • Support ANY* type (All cached records)
  • Support AXFR (Transfer of an entire zone)
  • Support DNAME record (Delegation name record)
  • Support HINFO record (Host Information record)
  • Support LOC record (Location record)
  • Support NAPTR record (Naming Authority Pointer record)
  • Support PTR record, domain name pointer, reverse DNS resolution
  • Support RP record (Responsible Person record)
  • Support SPF record (Sender Policy Framework record)
  • Support SRV record (Service Locator record)
  • Support SOA record (start of [a zone of] authority record)
  • Support IN(Internet), CH(CHAOS) classes
  • Select UDP(Default)/TCP Transport
  • Built-in some famous DNS servers/resolvers
  • Auto load DNS servers/resolvers of local computer
  • Specified DNS server/resolver
  • Fulsh Dns resolver cache of local computer
  • Clear, copy, save the output window
  • Auto clear the output window


Version: 2.4
Last update: 04.27.2012
Installation:None (portable)




What's DIG?

Dig (domain information groper) is a network administration command-line tool for querying Domain Name System (DNS) name servers. It is part of the BIND domain name server software suite. Dig replaces older tools such as nslookup and the host program.

List of support types of EzDig

TYPE Description
A address record (32-bit IPv4 address)
AAAA IPv6 address record (128-bit IPv6 address)
AFSDB AFS Database record (Location of database servers of an AFS cell)
ANY(*) All cached records (Sometimes referred to as "ANY")
AXFR Request for a transfer of an entire zone
CNAME Canonical name record
DNAME Delegation name record
HINFO Host Information record
LOC Location record
MX Mail eXchange record
NAPTR Naming Authority Pointer record
NS Name Server record
PTR domain name pointer record
RP Responsible Person record
SOA Start Of [a zone of] Authority record
SPF Sender Policy Framework record
SRV Service Locator record
TXT text record

List of Built-in DNS servers/resolvers

Publisher IP Description
Google (Default) Google Public DNS
Level 3
OpenDNS OpenDNS recursive nameserver addresses
Neustar DNS Advantage resolvers
Built on UltraDNS Directory Services Platform
Norton Norton recursive DNS server IP addresses
Visit Norton ConnectSafe home page
Local Auto Load DNS servers/resolvers load from local computer
Auto Load


VER 2.4

  • Added: AFSDB (AFS Database) record support
  • Added: HINFO (Host Information) record support
  • Added: NAPTR (Naming Authority Pointer) record support
  • Added: RP (Responsible Person) record support
  • Improved: Enclosed the output of the txt record with double quote

VER 2.3

  • Added: DNAME (Delegation Name) record support
  • Added: SPF (Sender Policy Framework) record support
  • Added: SRV (Service Locator) record support
  • Added: LOC (Location) record support
  • Improved: PTR record support hostname and IP address
  • Improved: Rearrange the "Type" list in alphabetical order

VER 2.2

  • Added: Two built-in resolver pairs(DNS Advantage and Norton)
  • Improved: Use canonical text representation for ipv6 address

VER 2.1

  • Fixed: inet_ntop error under windows xp (ipv6 address)
  • Added: Welcome message when startup
  • Added: Auto load DNS servers/resolvers of local computer
  • Added: Fulsh Dns resolver cache of local computer
  • Improved: Output command at message header
  • Improved: Format the Built-in DNS servers/resolvers

VER 2.0

  • Added: TCP protocol support
  • Added: AXFR support

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